January 8, 2017

Ancient Hieroglyphs Found On Mars, Has Eye Of Horus, Absolute Proof of Life, UFO Sightings Daily.

Date of sighting: January 8, 2017
Location of sighting: Mars

This is the Eye of Horus on Mars. The writing is clear, if you seen enough Egyptian hieroglyphs, you will know right off, this is a type of writing through drawings. I don't imagine much will ever come of it, since few if any Egyptian archeologists will ever see these photos. Each line has distinct meaning and purpose behind it. This is 100% evidence that intelligent life did once exist on the surface of Mars. If life still exists, it would have to live below the surface, because daily life above the surface would be extremely hard, but not impossible. 
Scott C. Waring


2QIK4U said...

Gigapan holds a lot when you keep looking, notice the walking trails don't follow a direction liquid would travel, so someone made those paths which is a consistent sight from the very beginning . I still haven't found what this article say's i'm seeing different evidence . Yes nice eye and the large one in rock to right

Melinda Wright said...

Oh, you think that the area just right and behind the Horus Eye is another eye? Looks more like a snake to me, like a King Cobra with it's head raised.

Fred said...

Martians could not speak or understand our languages nor could theirs be understood. Why do we assign Earth's images to these images?

Unknown said...

"Walking trails"? What are you talking about? Been on the drink again before posting 2qik4u?

Melinda Wright said...

Actually, there is a distinct possibility that either we are descended from Martians, or we are descended from the "Gods" who visited both Mars and Earth. There is no doubt that Homo Sapiens suddenly made the scene from literally out of nowhere. To make the assumption that the ancient languages spoken on Earth, and that spoken by the "Gods" who created life as we know it on Earth, doesn't jibe with the facts as we know them today.
In any event, seeing is believing.

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