January 15, 2017

Green UFO Over Isle of Wight On Jan 2017, Video, UFO Sighting Daily

Date of sighting: January 2017
Location of sighting: Isle of Wight, near England
News source: http://www.iwcp.co.uk/news/news/drone-claims-rejected-by-isle-of-wight-ufo-man-97306.aspx

UFOs are often seen near low populated areas, this seems to be the case here. The island is a county in England. It also happens to be an island. UFOs love low populated areas and this look like the famous Dudley Dorito UFO that has been seen since the mid 1980s over England. Awesome catch, and proof that there is a base someone on this side of England under the ocean. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
James Ward, 22, of Lake filmed the mysterious sighting on January 2 and the video went on to be featured around the globe. "It was really cool. I didn’t expect it to get national attention," James said. James said seeing his video on national media outlets was an 'overwhelming experience’. James, a full-time carer, filmed the sighting outside his home in Lake. Some have dismissed the sighting as a drone but James said the behaviour of the object ruled out that possibility. The footage has sparked the interest of UFO hunters and alien enthusiasts nationwide but James does not consider himself an enthusiast. "I just looked up and saw this light and thought 'I better film this’, so I took my phone out," James said. The video shows unidentifiable lights in the sky. "I was mesmerised. It looked like a typical round UFO space craft. "Before, I was 50/50 about whether there was life out there but this to me now is 100 per cent proof they exist. "The sighting has made me believe."


dcCamba8 said...

I wonder what you would see if it was zoomed in by a super powerful camera like the ones we have now that can vividly see the moons craters

Unknown said...

I think Himalayas area is home of aliens.i surely say this, my personal thinking.

vinod kumar said...

Aliens are present in over Himalayan areas,surely

Unknown said...

I see things with my new camera I wouldn't have dreamt of a year or so ago. UFO or UNO? unidentified Nasal Object. This looks like a shot I took of the inside of my nose. Disclosure will spurt all over us soon.

Gregory Ellison said...

Like the new bumpers on the video Scott. How is the drive for a new computer going? Happy New Year sir!

Scott Waring said...

Hey thanks. I've been debating if I should get a used computer or not. I probably will end it this weekend. Apple started offering refurbished ones that are just a year or two old but have the speed and power I want. wish me luck.

James Lackey said...

The video shows unidentifiable lights in the sky. "I was mesmerized. It looked like a typical round UFO space craft.This article has given me a lot of insights, thanks for making this in reality simple to take in, keep a good work!
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vinod kumar said...

I think aliens are very nearly to us and virus like ads and cancer are coming from other ground.

Gregory Ellison said...

You know I always wish you luck "Professor Waring"

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