January 15, 2017

UFOs Watching SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch And Landing, Jan 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 2017
Location of sighting: Vandenberg, California, USA
Time into video: 24:15

I wanted to see the Space X rocket launch and land over the ocean, and this is the most recent video of it happening, but as the rocket entered a low orbit, several glowing UFOs were seen from behind...watching. Then a few seconds later a larger UFO is seen in the clouds on the right side of the screen. Such rocket launches and landings are historical and technological marvels in human history. Its no wonder they are watching this event so closely. 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan


  1. In initial launch within 100 mtrs from ground camera i noticed what looked like a white ball fall from the top of rocket until a second one seem to fall 2 seconds later. They weren't white balls and they weren't from the rocket. Either aliens mistake this shape as a warhead or its humans doing this. With ET

  2. Ok just watched, a boomerang ufo like this was seen recently from iss and those two orbs are the white balls i saw at launch . Watch the launch scott and you will clearly see them two white balls "Fall" Down right next to it i thought it was part of it until i watched twice

  3. Scott, 2nd photo down. I see a face, did you miss this? Maybe the Alan's are trying to contact us. What do you think they could be saying?

  4. 2qik4ui I totally agree. There really is stuff going on. Beware their rear entry program is with us. Keep your orifices plugged.

  5. look like Elon Musk is aware of UFO now :)
    now we just need to ask him to release HD video ....

    1. NOBODY can say they watched it land. As i TRIED to watch it their split screen went out of synchronization and they lied, the right monitor had the rocket already sitting on platform while being digitally hidden, (U see it as all the screen screws up "as it lands) And the left monitor had it still in the air ! LOOK AT IT AGAIN . We only use Digital tech now because it can be manipulated at will. I have CRYSTAL CLEAR VIDEO TAPES from the 90's that show a smoother image than what SPACEX ever show. Have another look scott and tell me what you see. Streetcap1 caught a floating object in one of his moon anomaly captures this week but didn't realise as he posted a structure it was near. Similar to the current one u have up now but was bigger with different shape but clear shadows underneath , it looked parked.


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