January 4, 2017

UFO Disguised As Jet Over Newton Abbot, England On Jan 2017, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Above is original, below is added darkness to make the UFO stand out. 

Date of sighting: Jan 3, 2017
Location of sighting: Newton Abbot, England
News source: http://www.torquayheraldexpress.co.uk/first-ufo-of-2017-spotted-by-world-ufo-expert-over-newton-abbot/story-30027444-detail/story.html

UFOs do make trails behind them sometimes, but they do it on purpose. UFOs make cloud tunnels for others to follow safely inside without being seen, but here its trying to look like a jet. Such antics by aliens works more often than not, so its difficult to laugh at them when the majority of the world is still in the dark about the existence aliens. When looking at the UFO, you see its bottom is in the shape of an alien face, the face of the species flying it. 

This sighting is right next to the English Channel where only a few km away is Guernsey...an island where two planes recorded several yellow mile long disks over the ocean...an area of French military airspace, which shows the French have allotted a area of ocean to the aliens. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
A PROFESSIONAL UFO spotter has captured pictures of his first UFO of 2017. John Mooner, from Newton Abbot, who calls himself the chief photographer for World UFO Photos, snapped the strange object when he was 'sky watching' on Monday at around 1.30pm.

Mr Mooner said: "I decided to go out sky watching and I had my trusty Nikon P900 camera at the ready. "After about an hour of sky watching I spotted a faint contrail and began to zoom in. "At a higher magnification I could clearly see that this contrail was not coming from a plane, but was in fact coming from a round object that appeared to be glowing. "The round glowing object was at a very high altitude and I doubt that many people would be able to see this without a telephoto lens or a pair of high zoom binoculars. "The object was moving at a high rate of speed across the sky and I had real trouble stabilizing it in the camera's viewfinder. "I began taking photographs of this strange object and I managed to take six photographs that show the movement of this object."
Mr Mooner, who call himself the chief photographer for World UFO Photos, said it was a good start to the year for UFO spotters. "This is my first UFO photographs of 2017 and I can't wait to photograph more UFOs over Devon," he added.


  1. Funny but it looks rather like the blurred glare from the Sun. It's a plane. Pure and simple. This phenomenon occurs regularly. Eyes to the skies and engage brain. As for the alien face, I suggest you look up pareidolia.

  2. Thats pretty wild, it does look like a face!

  3. scott your saying the face of the race is showed there

    is it possibly you know which race you talk about?

  4. What this is may be explained in siriusdisclosure.com

  5. What is the best kind of camera to use to catch ufo's

  6. What is the best camera to buy or modify to catch UFO's. I am feel sure I have seen them here in CA. I just need the video to prove I see them. Any thought on which is best would be helpful? I am hoping Scott can also give me his thoughts on such camera or camcorder, thanks

    1. Anything with a 45X zoom or greater built in. It has to be HD and made for video...camcorder of some sort. Its easier to record video and more valuable of a UFO. Where a photo tells us what it looked like, but not how it moved about.

      Make sure that the camera can easily upload video to a computer. Some give you hell doing that, so make sure its easy. Mine is a Sony, but its hell to transfer video...so I don't recommend that brand. But any one hand camcorder will do if it has the zoom.

    2. Thanks Scott, I thought new camera's was programmed not to capture video outside the spectrum of the human eye? I also thought about Sony or a Nikon (older model)and changing the internal blue filter out for not red but clear filer (correct lens thickness) to let in all spectrums of light in and then ad 45X zoom lens? I want to capture the UFO's which are believed to be cloaked and outside the human eye sight.

    3. I prefer to film in normal view...instead of IR, because everytime I catch a UFO...everyone believes I faked it because they don't understand how it works or how its done. So I go with a normal camera most the time.

      If you want a camera that is covered to see IR, then you will find one here at eBay already finished for you.


  7. It certainly looks like it has the face of the race, but is that the case? I would put forward the theory it has some pace and can not be seen without a trace. What race is what we need to know for that sighting is ace.

  8. That UFO has a face of the race that come from space. They always play an ace when they do a chase. I see policeman use mace in a case that went to space. I like noodles with fries and a knob end for pleasuring myself.

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  10. I use a wifi nikon bridge camera with a good optical zoom and I have photographed some strange ufos which leave the same trails behind and move at an amazing speed. .....


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