These are my two books, West's Time Machine & George's Pond.

Scott C. Waring, famous author of “West's Time Machine”. The novel is about a ten year old boy and his genius baby sister who tragically loses their parents in a car accident. They in turn refuse to accept their fate, but to instead challenge and change it. The whole basis of the story is deep seeded within Sutherlin, Oregon and is mentioned numerous times throughout the fantasy novel.

I was influenced by my experiences when I lived in Sutherlin from 6th grade to my freshman year in high school. I am 38 years old and live and work in Taiwan. My wife and I have owned and operated an English school for ten years. We have a darling son that is about to turn three this month. I had a belief when I graduated from ISU with my BA degree in teaching. It wasn't money that influenced me to be a teacher. It was the belief that one teacher could change the world for the better. The belief that a single snowflake of good intentions could create an avalanche of positive changes in the modern world. It's funny how a kid fresh out of college thinks, huh? But now I find myself making money doing what I love, teaching. Also my wife and I influence one hundred and fifty Taiwan students per day, five days a week. Those students learn between 1.5 and 4 hours of English per day and they vary between the ages of three to thirteen. Don't get the wrong message here. This didn't happen overnight, but over the first three years of my being in Taiwan. Those were the most stressful years of my marriage for the long hours and numerous hazards along the path took its toll on my wife and I, every step of the way. Now I see two of my students leaving our school after ten years and bravely and boldly entering junior high schools in New Zealand and Canada, and I can't help but feel amazed at what I behold. Teaching is truly reward unto itself.

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It comes in hard cover, soft cover and e-book. If you have any questions, please contact me. I would be pleased to respond to any inquiries about the novel.

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