Greek journalist of “Daily Telegraph” saw… UFO in Mykonos! March 2010 UFO Sighting

FIRST a woman photographed strange flying discs descending on a busy Sydney street – now Daily Telegraph Online reporter Dora Tsavdaridis (foto) has told how she spotted a UFO while on a beach holiday.
Mother-of-two Fiona Hartigan captured the imagination of the nation after sunset snaps taken in Chipping North on Sunday were printed in the Daily Telegraph today.
“As I was about to take the picture this black object appeared and then it started to move,” she said.
“It started off about 800m away but it came closer – to about 400m – and then two other little round things appeared from this bright orange light above.
“There was no noise. It was calm and peaceful but it was very weird.”
And she’s not alone. Ms Tsavdaridis says she will never forget her own close encounter on the Greek island of Mykonos.
Blogging with the DT Online she said: “It was about the size of a star and it looked like it was far away. At first I thought maybe it was a plane, but there were no blinking lights, just this one red light. Plus, it was too far away to be a plane.
“It definitely wasn’t a bird or Superman either.
“The sky and the area around us was so dark, the red spot was very clear as it travelled horizontally across the sky for about three minutes and then disappeared.
“We were all blown away by it, we stood there for a few minutes trying to grasp what we saw.
“At the time we thought it was most likely a comet or something similar but after looking into it, there were no reported comets that were visible to the human eye on that date. Plus I’ve seen a comet and they usually have a tail of some sort – this definitely didn’t.”
(source: daily telegraph)

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