UFO caught on photo in Sydney, Austrailia march 2010.

THIS picture of mysterious object in the sky is baffling UFO experts.The strange flying disc was caught on camera zooming silently across the sunset.

Fiona Hartigan spotted curious craft when she stopped to take pictures of the evening sky in Sydney, and now the image has sparked a flurry of speculation.

But the mum-of-two is convinced she saw a UFO.
"As I was about to take the picture this black object appeared and then it started to move," she said.

"It started off about 800m away but it came closer - to about 400m - and then two other little round things appeared from this bright orange light above.

"There was no noise. It was calm and peaceful but it was very weird."

Ms Hartigan said the main UFO suddenly shot off while the smaller UFOs zipped away in the opposite direction.
"I don't know how to explain it - I'm still totally bewildered," she said.

Some doubters have said flying object is simply a speck of dust on the camera lens, but Doug Moffett from UFO Research in New South Wales the were 1,000 and 1,500 UFO sightings in Australia every year.

"It could be some electrical anomaly that no one has ever seen, it could be an extra-terrestrial craft, it could be something else," he added.

"There does appear to be a blur around the image, which could just be the way it's shaped, or - and this is pure speculation - it could be due to its propulsion system.
"Whatever the case, it's an opportunity to learn something new.

"Why would anyone make these stories up? They are setting themselves up for ridicule," he said.

Source: The Sun

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