UFO sighting caught on video over China university in March 2010

Daylight UFO footage from China amazes experts with a video.

Below is a close up of the UFO.

An incredible UFO sighting was allegedly filmed (see video clip below) earlier this month in China during daylight hours. It is claimed that the UFO was seen by many witnesses.

the event took place above the grounds of Wan Li University in the port city of Ningbo, which is located in the province of Zhejiang.

Students were shocked to discover a classically shaped metallic, spinning UFO or flying saucer hovering above the campus ground. One excited witness managed to film the event. The UFO is seen zooming off at a super-fast speed towards at the end of the footage.

Now the debate is on amongst China's UFO experts as to whether this is a hoax involving computer graphics or a genuine encounter with a craft of extraterrestrial origin.

UFOs are commonly seen in China and the last few days has seen a massive spike in such sightings.

Video of UFO over China University

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