Person steps forword, that took pyramid UFO sighting video over Russian Kremlin.

Second Pyramid UFO video from Russia demonstrates outsiders are here? 

A year ago in December, overall news sources ran a story that excited UFO fans and others inquisitive about the likelihood of outsider vistation to our planet and the presence of extraterrestrial life. 

Photographs from the video: 

An enormous pyramid UFO had been seen by numerous and taped by something like one observer as it floated over The Kremlin in Moscow. The video turned into a hit on YouTube and different destinations. Many observers likewise revealed seeing the UFO, anyway soon after the film was discharged a crusade to ruin the locating seemed to have swung energetically. 

Witnesses were visited by what appeared to be regular clothes cops and requested to stay quiet over the occasion. Any further film was seized. Stories started circling about structures in the recording that never again existed in spite of specialists affirming this was not the situation. 

Presently a fearless observer has had the strength to post a second bit of film (Video underneath) of the occasion: Filmed from a loft in Moscows rural areas. 

Sergei Ahmedayov bears witness to that this recording was taken by him from his window as the art drifted for a considerable length of time on the extremely same day the Kremlin UFO was shot. He likewise bears witness to that the majority of his family observed the occasion as well. 

'I am certain this is an ET spaceship and I am not terrified to demonstrate it' he disobediently remarked. 

It is currently realized that these pyramid molded UFOs are the whole deal rocket utilized by a progress starting from Orion Constellation: These humanoid outsiders have been collaborating with mankind for a large number of years and touched base in this cosmic system from Andromeda a huge number of years prior.

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