UFO caught near jet trail, UFO sighting, clear photos, says UFO told him to look.

TN, March 2, 2010 - While filming chemtrails Ufos were captured on film. MUFON Case # 22749.
I woke up one morning and went outside as is my routine.I noticed that the sky was infected with a ton of chemtrail activity so I grabed my camera and began filming the aircraft laying these chemtrails all over the place.

Back and forth,back and forth they went for what seemed like forever..

It has always been a theory of my own these aircraft are masking the presence of UFO activity among other unknown reasons.When I see these aircraft with chemtrails..I always make it a point to look for UFOs and many,many times I have seen "spheres" which always take on the color of their surroundings..If they are in or near clouds they will appear white and if they are in the clear blue sky they will appear transparent but discernible if you continue to look closely enough..

By doing this I have led a few people to see these craft when they otherwise didn't even believe in UFOs..

I have witnessed UFO activity several times with the chemtrail phenomenon and this time I was armed with a camera.

I didn't see anything like I normally had previously but I did notice a faint object the shape of a "Bell" directly above which seemed to be out of the path of these aircraft's pattern..

I grabbed a pair of 10x binoculars and I picked up on the object so I pointed my camera in that general direction and started snapping images and I was able to capture a triangle/Bell shaped object.It was stationary for several minutes before disappearing. I started to go inside and I felt like I should stay out for a few minutes more..That I hadn't seen enough and that if I went inside I would miss the craft if it returned or appeared in another part of the sky..

Finally after about 3-4 minutes,I thought it was over when I began to get an feeling of being watched and I heard in my mind " Turn around and look at me" and I caught it just before it disappeared..it is beyond my ability to understand...But I believe with all of my heart.. I was basically told
"Hello,Here I am!!" Like I was a participant in a game of "hide and seek"

This is not the first time I have been absolutely "compelled" to look at a direct spot in the sky and had a UFO sighting..
So I just I started snapping pictures indiscriminately and that is when I captured the faint sphere when I pointed my eyes in the certain point in the sky..
I have seen several UFOs while watching the chemtrail activity in this area..I live in the Appalachia mountains directly on a mountain top that is part of a state park with one part being very high bluff which overlooks the major city in this area and it has been a perfect spot to watch much aeronautical activity..Including lots UFOs.

I only recently purchased a camera..But I have seen many,many UFOs since being in this area..

These are only the images I have of this report..I have a few others but these were the first since I began filming and they were daylight captures..

The first image is a copy of the original and the second is a copy of the image with different color filters which bring out the craft from the background color of the sky..

The third image is of the craft that appeared and in my mind I was compelled to look and there it was observing me..It wanted me to see it!..Otherwise I would have continued looking in the other direction..

They have not been altered and are REAL..

I had to turn nearly 180 degrees to catch the craft in the third image after it compelled me to look in that direction..
I offer a little info about my background..I have held a High level Security clearance for the DOD and worked in Intelligence with one of America's Top Tier Defense Contractors and I used to be a Deputy Sheriff.
I need to know why this is happening..

This event happened just like reported..There are many more and I think there is a reason for them..I am hoping to find out why!!..Maybe you can help me..

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