UFO sighting of 5 lights shooting across night sky spotted over Hounslow West Apr 28 2010, UK.

HOUNSLOW is known for it's substantial measure of plane movement anyway it appears to be increasingly baffling kinds of flying item have additionally been visiting the ward. 

Various individuals in Hounslow West have detailed seeing a UFO with five lights bridging the sky, in a matter of seconds pursued by military artworks, and a young lady from Brentford recognized an unnervingly splendid light. 

Michal Czyz, 28, was grilling in his greenery enclosure on Sunday evening when he and his four companions spotted five uncommon lights bridging the sky for around 10 seconds, before just vanishing. 

"It was extremely unusual, I've never observed anything like it," said the barkeep from Avvisom Avenue. "Living in Hounslow I realize what a plane looks like and this was certainly not a plane. I endeavored to film it on my telephone however my hands were shaking excessively." 

Mr Czyz's two companions who were en route once more from the corner shop likewise recognized the lights at around 9pm and saw others shooting it in the road. The lights were trailed by three military air ship which Mr Czyz said watched the skies for around 30 minutes. 

A lady from Brentford, who wishes not to be named, has likewise had an ongoing brush with paranormal action in the ward. While driving home from work on March 20, she saw a weird light sliding upon the piece of the Great West Road where it initially meets the M4. 

She told the Chronicle: "The light was so extraordinary and splendid that I was quickly blinded and disorientated. It endured around five or six seconds and I was too stunned to even think about looking again to check whether it was in fact a vessel or another item." 

The Brentford lady told how the UFO slid vertically and drifted, before either vanishing or zooming off at fast. The lady says the UFO experience, which is her first, has had a "significant impact" on her and took her over seven days to recuperate from the experience, experiencing customary fits of anxiety. 

"I rest easy thinking about it now," she said. "Be that as it may, it is consoling to hear on the off chance that another person may have seen something very similar."
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