27 April 2010 STRANGE UFO sightings have been spotted in the night sky over Filey, photo.

Occupant Mark Rigg reached our sister paper the Filey Mercury in the wake of catching this picture of a strange orange sparkle hovering over the town. 

Mr Rigg said the light seemed soon after 9pm and caused extraordinary enthusiasm among his family who were persuaded it was a UFO. 

Mr Rigg, of Seadale Terrace, said he didn't trust the item was a plane or helicopter on the grounds that there were no sounds or glimmering lights originating from it. 

He stated: "The light moved quick at that point backed appropriate off to a halt, so we went outside to get a more clear look. 

"The light stopped then it appeared to blur at that point turned out to be clear again and in a brief moment it was no more. 

"I have seen these splendid lights previously however this is the first occasion when I have figured out how to get it on camera. 

"To the eye it gave off an impression of being an orange round shape yet on the photograph it seems, by all accounts, to be a triangular shape and when you look nearer you can obviously observe the triangular shape with an orange emanation and a splendid yellow light on the base left corner."

Source: http://www.scarborougheveningnews.co.uk/news/Sighting-of-39UFO39-over-Filey.6255116.jp

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