May 16, 2010 UFO sighting of green disk in Envigado, Colorado.

Event Date: 2010-05-16
Event Location: Envigado, CO

Event Description: "I was in my bedroom taking photos to the sky and mountains because the sun and the clouds were making a beautiful landscape: the sun was shining and at the same time there were clouds forming a storm.

I didn't know that in several photos a green light appeared until I watched them late at night. This light appears in the same point but in different positions; it is green and oval.

I didn't feel anything because I didn't see it at the exact moment but it isn't the first time this happens to me. Two years ago, I took a photo to the sky and immediately something reflected in the sky. When I checked the photo there was a white oval light on it. I lost this photo but that is the reason I want to know what is this and i hope you can give an answer.

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