A Salt Lake City, UT family has UFO sighting & alien sighting, May 9, 2010.

A Salt Lake City, UT, family watched and chased a shape-shifting UFO that turned into a rather bizarre "flying humanoid" sighting in the night sky on May 9, 2010, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The Mothers Day picnic started out rather normal, including the watching of an "Alien Cover-up" program on the BIO channel.

But normalcy stopped when the father and son noticed an object in the sky that appeared to be shape shifting.

"It appeared to be a kite and then it looked like a hang glider then when it was approaching a corner heading west at an angle I saw wings or spiky points in the back and it was like it was shape shifting," the reporting witness stated. "It was changing shapes as it was moving."

One of the witnesses attempted to photograph the object, but later said the photos did not look like what they were seeing.

As the object moved away, some of the family members gave chase.

"When I spotted it during our journey of following it, at times it appeared to have wings of some kind and the weird part of it was when it ascended straight up it did a loop and it appeared to have WINGS like the Nazca Condor."

While they watched the object, a jet appeared that seemed to be following the object.

"My dad said it looked like an OV-10 but he wasn't sure and told me to look it up. The plane that flew by it had a two contrails coming out of it, so from that evidence alone it had two engines and he said it might of been on OV-10 because of how slow it was. However, it did seem like a reconnaissance aircraft of some kind."

The object then seemed to move in a spiraling way, and also appeared at this point to have wings.

"I labeled it as a flying humanoid as well because of the pattern it moved and the shape shifting that it was doing. Since I seen videos of these "flying humanoids" shape shifting. But this was a little different at the same time, since it appeared to have spiked wings of some kind."

The reporting witness is hoping someone else in Salt Lake City watched the event.

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