Vivid white glowing ufo seen in Potters Bar, UK UFO sighting.

Gill Knights reported the sighting on Saturday, at 9.30pm, to 

She told the website that several people witnessed the “ball of fire”.
“I was seeing a friend out to her car when I noticed a very bright red light shining behind the branches of a tree. I was so intrigued, I ran out further and saw an orange/red sphere shape travelling across the sky. It looked like a ball of fire. We tried to get pictures but we couldn’t locate the object on the viewfinder."

“I ran in to the house and up to my son’s bedroom, where he was with five of his friends. They all witnessed it too. We watched it a little longer and it changed into a white glow."

“When my friend arrived home, her daughter announced that she had seen a UFO. My friend hadn’t told her daughter that we had seen one in case she thought we’d gone mad.”

Source: http://www.whtimes.co.uk/news/vivid_white_glowing_ufo_seen_in_potters_bar_1_302249

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