UFO sighting of UFO cloud with 3 small gray probes shooting out, same as 2009 Russia UFO Cloud in 2009.

UFO sighting of UFO cloud with 3 small gray probes shooting out, same as 2009 Russia UFO Cloud.

The towards end of video:

In the Video on posted on Youtube.com called “Amazing UFO Cloud Dissolves 2010,” by user Sedona74. I (Scott C. Waring) noticed several unusual UFO orbs flying into and out of before the cloud completely dissolves. This video was uploaded on April 11, 2010. This video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPgMiwylVEc

The probes I notice are almost quicker than the eye so it will help to view the video in full screen size as well as being prepared to pause the video as you go.

1. 32 seconds into the video pause it. An object flies up from the ground and vanishes to the right of the screen.
2. 39 seconds into the video pause it. A gray orb descends from the sky on the right side of the UFO cloud, hesitates 1 second then moves down and to the right off the screen.
3. 59 seconds into the video, another round dark orb comes up from the ground in the center of the screen and flies almost straight up into the sky.
4. Between 1:14-1:15 there is a small orb over the mountain on the left side of screen, then shoots off to the left so fast that even slow motion will not make it visible.
5. 1:16 minutes into video an object flies from the right of the screen, enters then exits the cloud, flying off to the upper left of screen and disappears.

Understand after 1:16 there are two birds that flutter around, but the orbs are certainly not birds. No bird can travel faster than a jet nor hide in a cloud and shoot out at faster than vision speeds.

This UFO cloud is very similar to another famous UFO sighting over Moscow, Russia in October 08, 2009.

Small probes can be seen poking out on the lower right side at 16 seconds into the video, then shooting out into the sky above at 16.5-17.5 seconds into the video. In that video a UFO cloud hung over the city and a probe is seen poking out then flying off upwards. This video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT2jwkCirP0.

So if you ever see a UFO cloud, don't laugh, but instead film some close up and steady video of it, say 10-15 minutes long, so that you can go home and view it on your computer in slow motion. Then you to might have the next UFO sighting. Look to the clouds. Note, it is most effective to use a DVD camera with a 30x zoom or bigger. Good luck, and document everything from the camera you used to the location, date, time and witnesses involved.

Source: SCW

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