Cattle Mutilation in Argentina June UFO sighting.

Date: June 1, 2010

Argentina: Cattle Mutilation in General Belgrano

If it’s summer here, and it’s winter there, you can be sure that the cattle mutilation season is about to kick off in Argentina.

What seemed a matter exclusive to other locations is now occurring in our area. A resident of Colonia Belgrano, near Chajarí, came across something strange in his field. “Chito” Sirtori is the owner of a property located in a rural area of the Department of Federación, where two cows were found with clear signs of mutilation: one on May 11 and another last Monday. Faced with this evidence, he summoned veterinarian Dr. Patricio Norman, hoping the expert’s verdict could offer an explanation.

The rural region of Colonia Belgrano and its vicinity have been convulsed by a strange situation that became known only hours ago. The well-known cattleman from the aforementioned Colonia is “Chito” Sirtori and is more than surprised at the situation involving two of his animals.

Dr. Patricio Norman provided us the photograph published here aside from some details on the striking discovery: “What we’ve seen is striking, at the very least. One shouldn’t rush to make conjectures but evidently, there are elements here that call for deeper investigation. What is surprising is the manner in which the animal’s tongue was removed. There is a sort of incision, and I don’t know if it’s an incision made with a very sharp object or something else.”

Bear in mind that on 11 May of this years, another dead cow was found 50 meters away from this one. The area is open and is a stubble field in a watermelon plantation. “Regarding the foregoing, it is surprising that the carcass vanished within 20 days, leaving bare bones and a large number of dead worms in the area, something that does not normally occur,” says Patricio Norman.

As for last Monday’s animal, four days would have gone by from its death: “Several hypotheses could be woven about the animals’ death. It could be anthrax or another pathology. But what’s striking is the way that its tongue was extirpated, including breaking the bones of the root, which isn’t a simple thing to do,” notes the astonished veterinarian.

The Brigada de Abigeato (cattle rustling police) of Entre Rios participated in this operation and information was sent to the authorities having jurisdiction in the matter.

Source: Fenómenos Misteriosos and www.tacualchajari.com.ar

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