Ghost hunters have UFO sighting instead, see photo.

On June 5th a group of paranormal researchers set out to document alleged paranormal activity taking place in a cemetery in Richland Missouri. The group consisted of the leader, his wife, and a third witness who submitted the report.

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Below is photo of same place next night.

At first, as the witness reports, they were attempting to contact the unknown entities that seemed to be haunting the graveyard. What they later documented, however, was a far cry from what they had expected to see. The light according to the witness was clear with no real indication of an impending storm.

As they investigated for almost an hour they picked up several pictures of faces with strange stripes running along their sides and orbs, but nothing too incredible in the field of paranormal investigation. The photograph that was later uploaded to the MUFON database was not, however, of a ghost.

It was most conclusively an unidentified flying object. Ten minutes into reviewing the material they had gathered that day, the witness reports hearing the group leader exclaiming that something unusual was in the picture. As the rest of the team went to review the image what they found was shocking. It seemed to those present that they had picked up a seemingly alien craft hovering between the clumps of trees and partially obscured by the darkness.

Source: mufon.com

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