Great photo, Structured UFO sighting Over Reading, UK, June 16, 2010.

Structured UFO sighting Over Reading, UK, 16.06.10
Date: 10:35 pm

Location: READING, several thousand feet at least, approximately 30-35 degrees from horizon. size: speck (looked like a very bright star by naked eye.

Message: Very bright object in sky, relatively bright sky for 10:30pm - no other stars visible.
Item was not twinkling as I might have expected from a star.

Item was not moving initially, stayed steady for at least 10 minutes - this is where I took photos @ 200mm. Item appeared like on the shape that of a torpedo. (see photo attached - possible to attach) Item clearly not a star.
Item moved slowly further more North, appeared to have turned around facing towards us as object could not longer be recognised and distorted by bright light.

Source: http://www.beamsinvestigations.org.uk/Reading,%20UK,%2016.06.10.htm

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