Guatemala Sink Hole Made By Aliens Living Below City 2010, UFO sighting.

Guatemala Sink Hole Made By Aliens Living Below City in an Underground Base,

By Scott C. Waring-UFOlogist.

Photo below are a few days ago.click on photos to enlarge.

Photo of exact same shape & size hole just 3 miles away in same city, but in 2007.

Underground alien bases have been reported around the world to be inhabited by species that have created these bases hundreds if not thousands of years ago. Many of these bases are 2-4 miles deep. Alien underground bases have been reported to exist around the globe, for instance the base the exists below Los Alamos Laboratory, New Mexico.

The Guatemala sink hole has become an Internet sensation since the weekend. However, after scanning over the photographs, I noticed what most people did, this hole looked drilled. The close up photos reveal that water did not erode this ground, had it been water, the shape of the overall sink hole would have been uneven and cave like in places. This hole however looks like it was drilled by the USAF for an underground base.

Below is newspaper reporting USA making underground base.
If humans can make them, don't you think aliens can too?

Below is an actual photo of a military drilling team in such a underground tunnel.

Below is the drilling machine the USAF uses to make underground bases.

The sinkhole is perfectly tubular and even all the way down. News has reported it to be 100-200 feet deep or 30-60 meters, but has still yet to be explored. Reports insist that a underground river system created a long tunnel that eroded the ground above that created the hole that sucked down the three story clothing factory.

It is my belief that this underground river is actually an ancient tunnel system that was created by aliens long before the city of Guatemala was built. This system of tunnels allows the ships at the base to slip in and out from time to time, although usually this takes place in a mountainous area rather than mid city.

There are of course different species of aliens. Some that look human, some that look like something from a sci-fi or fantasy movie. Not all these alien species will have humans interests at heart, like the ones that created that huge hole that sucked the three story building down. It seems obvious that something either went into that hole or out of it very fast, causing a landslide effect, pulling the building into it.

To date, no one has explored this underground sink hole, nor has anyone explored or announced that they explored this underground tunnel system that exists below the city. They should since an exact same sized sink hole happened in 2007 in the same city, just 3 miles away from the one that happened a few days ago. Doesn’t that cause you to be a little bit suspicious why these wide and perfectly shaped tunnels exist?

Aliens are real. Area S4 teaches their new members working there that there are 56 space faring species known by the USAF, so if the US government believes in aliens, shouldn’t you?

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  1. I believe Aliens have something to do with it, either they have been told to go, so the remove all their machinery into a craft, and by using a particle beam device around their craft, they break down the structure of the land mass above them, and leave via their space crafts, now they can put the craft into a higher dimension, which we would not be able to see. Or there are wars going on out in space, between the good aliens and the bad ones, and a laser beam misses it's target but is powerful enough to strike the earth causing these holes. It is not limestone breaking down, as the holes would not be round, yes it can be explained in some cases but not all. There are fantastic things going on in this planet that most humans have no understanding of. However you look at it, the holes have something to do with a beam of some sort. Gravity, radiations, any changes in magnetics, cameras to left out over time, to see if anything can be picked up, and also sound, sound has a lot to do with keeping matter in its form so check for any strange frequencies. If humans are not ready to accept the truth, that aliens are on this planet, and have been here for a long time, then how are they going to cope when this truth is revealed as it must, their minds will shut down out of shock, because they will not be able to cope with the real truth that the governments have been hiding.


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