Planespotter's UFO sighting, UK.

Planespotter's UFO sighting

03 June, 2010

MYSTERY surrounding recent sightings of orange fireballs over the skies of Inverness deepened this week with the report of another UFO being spotted.

Keen planespotter and part-time pilot Bill Renny saw the latest inexplicable object over the Kessock Bridge on the evening of Thursday, May 20.

The sighting comes in the wake of several reports of similar incidents in recent weeks of unexplained flying objects being spotted in the night skies in and around the city.

Bill (49), who is employed as a builders' yard supervisor and lives in Anderson Street, has had a lifelong interest in aviation and military history.

"I was born in Renfrew, virtually at the end of the main runway at Glasgow Airport, and my first job was with Loganair which i got because I was always hanging around the airport planespotting," he said.

"My uncle was a pilot and took me up on a flight was when I was very young and I flew solo before I was 19.

"What I saw that evening I cannot reconcile with anything I have seen before. I'm not talking about green men or anything like that. It was simply something I cannot explain."

Bill was walking his dog along the River Ness at the end of Anderson Street about 11.10pm when he saw an orange fireball in the sky.

"This was not a Chinese lantern," he said. "It flew at a steady height and course. There was no wind and the object flew much, much faster than a lantern. It was silent. There were clouds at about 5,000ft and this object was below the clouds. It was only about 1,000ft above my head and flew right over the top of the Kessock Bridge.

"Apart from the lack of sound, there were no navigation lights, either red or green, nor any anti-collision strobe lights, white tail lights or landing lights. It was not night sun spotlights as seen on helicopters."

The object flew along the southern shore of the Moray Firth, possibly past Kilmuir on the Black Isle, Bill said.

"It entered low cloud and I never saw it again," he added.

Bill was so excited about what he had seen he woke his wife Gillian to tell her about it, then he went on to the internet and found the reports which have been appearing recently in the Highland News.

In March, Culloden man Rob Jackson told the HN he had seen UFOs four times over Nairn and Inverness. Then, last month, RAF airman Karl King reported a similar sighting in the direction of Inverness seen from his home in Moray.

Bill told the HN: "I just wanted to tell you what I saw to add support to the claim made by the chap in the RAF.

"I served for eight years in the South African army and I have more than 300 books on aviation and military history, and have never witnessed anything like this before."

A spokeswoman for RAF Kinloss said the Ministry of Defence no longer comments on UFO enquiries but she confirmed their was no air activity from Kinloss in the vicinity of Inverness that night.

A spokeswoman for Inverness Airport said the airport was closed at that time of night so they wouldn't be aware of any air activity in the area.

Source: http://www.highland-news.co.uk/news/fullstory.php/aid/7525/Planespotter_s_UFO_sighting.html

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