Haikou, China UFO sighting May 30, 2010.

Haikou, China, the night sky over a green strip of UFOs.

UFO over a green strip of Haikou
On the evening of 30 May 2010 22:20, in the city of Haikou, a UFO was seen by eyewitnesses as it hovered over a green line in the sky. The flyers for the green strip, first appeared as one, then split into two until there were only two green glowing balls in the sky, see photo. Local authorities are investigating the incident.

Although the light appears to be a green laser, the reason for it breaking in two and then leaving only two green balls in the sky afterwards seem to show in the photo that perhaps two UFOs were saw the laser and came to investigate it, or they UFOs made the green light themselves.

(Source: South China Sea Network). http://is.gd/cy1Rt

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