Rio Grande, Brazil UFO sighting caught on camera.

Here is an amazing picture of a UFO over the skies of Brazil. It seems south America has its hands full these days with a multitude of UFO activity. So many sightings are being recorder all over the southern Americs. This pic was taken on a very clear day with no cloud cover and the shape is very clear in the snap shot. Upon blowing up the object you can easily see 4 points of lights forming a diamond shape, which in itself is a very common shape for the craft. But the uniqueness of the picture is the distinct separation of the 4 points of light. Just a great picture all the way around.


Word for word Quote from the Mufon report...

Dear sirs,
My name is [cms/tg/pid], I live in Natal, the capital city of the state of Rio Grande do Norte in northeast Brazil. I am 44 years old and my work involves historical research. On December, 19, 2007 I was working in the city of Lastro, in the neighboring state of Para�ba, located on the following geographical coordinates: Latitude 06� 30' 57'' S, Longitude 38� 10' 48'' W
At around noon, I took pictures of some of the city�s old buildings with the camera facing north-northeast.

I took a series of three photos and did not realize anything abnormal at the time regarding sight or sound. When I returned home and uploaded the images to my computer, I then noticed the light in the first picture. Would like to mention that when I took these photos, here were some people on the street and next to me, but none noticed anything strange. The camera I used was a MEPGMOVIE VX DSC-P32. On this trip, I took over 600 photos with the same camera, but there was only the only photo with the strange light.

Firstly, I sent this material to a Brazilian UFO enthusiast named Gevaerd in January of 2008 searching for possible explanations as to whether the image might be a natural phenomenon, something to do with the camera or indeed an UFO, but I never received any reply.
I would like to ask your opinion on what it might be that was captured on the photograph.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your reply since this has been a great mystery to me.

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