Toronto, Ontario UFO sighting inside a rainbow, see photos.

Event Date: 2010-06-14
Event Location: Toronto, Ontario, CA

Event Description: "I have been immersed in my work & suddenly I had a thought of looking at the sky & I lifted my head , dropped my brushes & very quickly raced to the window.

There was a beautiful rainbow forming , yet at the same time something was urging me to go on the outside fast . At that point deep inside I just knew the UFO would be there but wasn't sure if I'll see it with my eyes , so I grabbed my camera (just in case) & almost run outside , knocking few things off , lol ! I was mesmerized at the site since the rainbow was even more bigger with more vivid hues .

I took a photo & was about to turn & leave (thinking I'll might see it once I put the photo on the computer) , but at that instant I got an urgent feeling to turn around & take a photo at that precise moment . Amazingly , there I saw a white round light so I smiled & snapped the photo :-) I was very elated at that point , it seemed they did indeed wanted me to photograph it .

For approximately 13 milli-seconds I saw the white sphere . It was just coming out of the rainbow , at about 45* off the horizon & exactly at a mid-point between East & South direction , obviously above the lake .

The 1st photo was taken at 6:22:35 PM & the 2nd photo at 6:22:48 PM that the UFO is visible on the photo attachment . I went inside & looked out my window but the UFO wasn't visible at this point , however the rainbow now was enormous showing 7 different prismatic hues , it was just beautiful .
The whole experience actually relates to my dream I had last night and so I'm very pleased & thankful to our G-d . Although I wanted to attach the 3rd photo I took , already at my home through the window , I've decided not to as it would identify the place of my abode . The 2 photos are a close-ups of the event ."


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