UFO sighting filmed at close range in Siberia, video.

UFO sighting filmed at close range in Siberia, video.

Siberia has always been a region of mystery. Bigfoot sightings are a common occurrence in the area's vast snowfields and this frozen world's history is replete with accounts of paranormal events of all kinds including those of an extraterrestrial nature.
Rumors along with reports by scientists have circulated for years that somewhere in the region a UFO base exists as well as the remains of an ancient alien settlement.

The UFO clip below is said to have been filmed somewhere in Siberia. A close-up image of a classic 'flying saucer' UFO can clearly be seen as can some sort of energy field surrounding the UFO. Undoubtedly this image will be studied intensely by UFO researchers in Moscow as well as around the world.*****

Video and source: http://www.allnewsweb.com/page1199999383.php

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