UFO sighting over Alabama, USA on June 6, 2010.

Event Date: 2010-06-03
Event Location: Anniston, Alabama, US

Event Description: "I was just taking pictures of the clouds in the sunset and caught some interesting things I didn't see while taking them.

I noticed them when I transferred them to my pc. I had no idea what these objects were, only that they weren't in the other sequential shots only one shot. I was really excited to finally capture something even if it wasn't my goal at the time. More people should look to the sky.

In the first picture to the north east of the tree line theres a faint black object..? Very odd it wasn't in any of the other shots I took back to back.

I was trying to take sequential shots of the clouds changing and got that. I took many shots that day and the next picture is what blew my mind. You see four black spherical looking objects and once again in the next picture they were gone...?"


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