A list of the UK UFO Sighting Reports for the last 7 days.

Location of Sighting: Mickleover, Derby, Derbyshire, U.K.
Date of Sighting: 11 June 2010
Time: 10.20 p.m.
Witness Name: M & D

Witness Statement: Since submitting our first ever sighting of a moving orange silent object on 22 May we have been looking up at the sky more often. Tonight whilst lying on the floor (to get a better view through our window) I noticed a small bright white flash high up in the cloud straight above. I called my husband quickly and a few seconds later he pointed out a very bright orange moving object lower in the sky, similar to what we had seen in May. We rushed outside and watched its steady progress towards the south south east till trees in our garden obscured its path. It seemed to keep below the cloud level. I don’t know whether the white flash of light I first saw was in any way connected with it – we both saw this orange object in the eastern sky, below the clouds, travelling steadily (possibly slightly descending I thought initially, but my husband says horizontally) and silently in a south south east direction. It was not a plane (no flashing lights), do not think it was a Chinese lantern either.

We could not determine what shape it was through the binoculars, but it was certainly very bright orange, like a star, and must have been seen by other people. Intrigued!
Location of Sighting: Easter Road Stadium, Edinburgh, Scotland
Date of Sighting: 10.06.10
Time: 23:05 ish
Witness Name: FD

Witness Statement: At first I thought it was a plane- as of the light. I watched it fly past (as I have done since I moved here- we have a good view).

After watching the plane for rouughly 15 seconds i realised it wasn’t moving. As I studied it for a few more seconds I realised it was in fact moving- but vertically. I thought at first it may have been a hot air balloon but common sense made me realised that no sane person would have been flying one at this time of night. The object was a perfectly cylindrical “plume” of light- yellow in colour- with a small “bulb” at the top of it. At this point I called the girlfriend over to confirm I wasn’t just mental, but she saw it too. The object rose a further minute till it was at a height higher than that of which planes pass the window.

My girlfriend turned away for a bried moment when the object all of a sudden “vanished.” Had I not been concentrating so much on it then I would have lost it but I was fixed on it. The object had turned into a perfectly circular ball of “blackness.” The onject veered slightly to the left and toward us quite quickly. All of a sudden it started to accelerate horitzontally toward us. In a period of about 20 seconds, it had passed over our heads and out of our sights. As I rushed down and out of our first story flat to inspect where it should be, it had vanished completely.
Location of Sighting: guiseley west yorkshire
Date of Sighting: 11:06:2010
Time: 23:29
Witness Name: stephen &frances parkinson

Witness Statement: we went into the back garden and as we looked up at the sky we noticed a very bright orange glowing ball ascending towards us from Ilkley heading towards Leeds. It ascended really steep and silent and then just disappeared. Then there was another one which did exactly the same thing only that one disappeared behind a cloud not to come out of the other side. These orbs were going much higher and quicker than any plane I have ever seen. They weren’t like a plane as they were a bright orange glowing orb.

We then saw a third a minute or two later which did exactly the same thing following the same path as the second one. Very very strange and not seen anything like that before. Could not just be a plane.
Location of Sighting: Bulwell-Nottingham-England
Date of Sighting: 10th June 2010
Time: 17:40
Witness Name: suzanne whyman

Witness Statement: ON thursday, coming home from the childminder, I saw in the sky what looked to be a human figure gliding forwards, with no parachute, nor any vapours or visible jetpack, nothing above and nothing below. it travelled about 2 miles until i could no longer see it, i saw birds in the sky so can safely say it was not any kind of bird, it also didnt look like anything other than a human like figure. watched it for about 4minutes in total until it went out of view due to trees/angle. I am totally baffled.!
Location of Sighting: St Julians, Newport
Date of Sighting: 11th June 2010
Time: 00:30am
Witness Name: jonny-robert

Witness Statement: Was walking to Old Barn, Newport to a friends house and noticed four seperate lights in the sky flashing four colours (red, green, blue and orange), appeared to be some sort of aircraft, definitely wasn’t a star it was below the clouds. Started looking around the sky and noticed another one exactly the same seemingly miles away from the other but both heading in the same direction (towards town). They didn’t seem to be making any sound.
Location of Sighting: Coventry Memorial Park
Date of Sighting: 11/06/2010
Time: 22:31 – 22:45
Witness Name: A.G.Sarov & S.M. Bennett

Witness Statement: Weather: fair
Cloud clover: 4/8
A friend and I were studying cloud formations in the field area of the park when we noticed what we thought to be an aircraft behaving rather oddly.
At first we noted that the lights on the unidentified object were ‘clearer’ than on other aircraft (in the sense that they contrasted with the air sharply and didn’t appear to create a ‘fuzzy haze’ usually seen on mid-low altitude planes in the observed weather conditions.) Soon after, we were treated to the spectacle of the craft accelerating to an incredible speed for its altitude, without a single sound or a vapour trail; it then ‘zigzagged’ across the sky in a phenomenal demonstration of what I could only describe as an ‘evasive manoeuvre’. The most disconcerting part of the zigzag motion involved the craft temporarily ‘disappearing’ for a fraction of a second, where it would go back on its trajectory, ‘blink out’ and then ‘reappear’ much further along!!

My friend and I witnessed this behaviour four times in different parts of the sky for almost fifteen minutes. First the craft appeared South in the direction of the golf-course heading SW. It then appeared West heading South, then directly East heading South! Lastly it appeared in the Northern sky, heading east. At first we thought that there might be more than one of these craft but quickly came to the conclusion that this object could somehow ‘teleport’ across the sky!

On the final flyby the craft was now much lower and we could almost make out the undercarriage which appeared to be oval/circular with three lights, two white and one red in a triangle formation.

As difficult as it is to believe, the craft rather conveniently slowed down so that I was able to record the sequence and nature of its lighting! The principle light at the pinnacle of the triangle formation (presumed to sit in the direction that the craft was travelling) was white and stayed illuminated constantly. The second white light was a little duller but also remained on, except for when it was illuminated more brightly by a flash. The red light did not remain on constantly and repetitively flashed half- a- second after the bright white light beside it.

This might seem like ordinary aircraft lighting procedure but we can assure you, that it was not ordinary aircraft flight procedure…

Additionally, we did also see a Chinese lantern once our UFO had flown off into the cloud cover.
Sincerely; Sarov et Bennett
Location of Sighting: Whitchurch, Shropshire
Date of Sighting: 22nd May, 2010
Time: 21:47
Witness Name: Josh

Witness Statement: At exactly 21:47 I noticed through my kitchen window a strange orange/red ball of flames moving along the tree line to the west, near the Welsh border. The object moved slowly for about one minute before it rapidly ascended and came to a halt. The object remained stationary for about two minutes before it started to move again. By this time I had gone outside with my partner and her sister to view the object. It continued to move slowly to the west however the orange/red glow seemed to stop and revealed a solid black object that was roughly triangular in shape. We observed the object for a further five minutes before it disappeared. This is the second time that I have seen this object, and it has been seen by many other people in the local area. I would love to know what it is! Based on my above description I am 100% convinced this was not a chinese lantern. Did anyone else see this? I am sure it was visible to anyone travelling on the A41 or A49 sections of the Whitchurch bypass.
Location of Sighting: Mansfield
Date of Sighting: 05/06/2010
Time: 22:10
Witness Name: L Brown

Witness Statement: My Fiancée was sitting outside enjoying the evening I was upstairs in the bedroom. I heard her shout me and told me to look as there was something in the sky. By the time I went to look it had disappeared, but she described it as a ball of fire in the sky that changed to a triangle shape as it got closer, before it moved out of view. There was no sound with the object.
After this I was watching out for more, and saw one a minute or so later, this one was another ball of orange fire but this time further away, heading in east to west direction. To go from one side of the horizon to the other, it took 1 to 1.5 minutes, which means it would need to have been travelling the same sort of speed as a military jet, but with no sound. It was flying way to quick to be a Chinese lantern.
Over the next 10 minutes another 3 of these objects were seen, heading in the same east to west general direction, but these seemed to be on a different trajectory as they appeared on the horizon in different places and they were slightly smaller (further away is my guess), and went out of view in different places.

The weird thing is as all this UFO’s activity was occuring there was a storm coming in from the west, with visible lightning and audible thunder. So the storm was heading in a west to east direction, and the objects were flying into the storm, east to west… From what I understand Chinese lanterns move with the wind patterns, and if the storm is coming west to east, then there is no way an unpowered object like a lantern could move against this in a east to west direction, so for this reason I discount these as lanterns.

They are the same type of objects 5 of us saw 2 weeks ago on the 22/05/2010 at roughly the same time. I logged the sighting on here, but it never got published.
Location of Sighting: Greenwich
Date of Sighting: 6th June 2010
Time: 10pm
Witness Name: Joanne wells
Witness Statement: I saw a bright white light that I thought was a star but it then moved very swifty Southwards and then disappeared. This is not the first sighting from my balcony… I spotted a similar light several weeks ago travelling very fast in an Eastern direction and a couple of years ago had Another encounter with, again, a single white light travelling in a Northern direction and then just changing direction (towards outerspace) and disappearing. As you can guess, I love spending time on my balcony star

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