UK UFO sighting reports for this week.

Location of Sighting: Bolton
Date of Sighting: 4th June 2010
Time: between 11pm and 11.30 pm
Witness Name: Katie And Pete

Witness Statement: We were walking our dog along a long road at the bottom of our street that has houses one side and big horse fields the other… we were walking away from our when i noticed this light in the sky that was not a plane as it was very low and no noise. we watched it for a minute or two as it seemed to get lower and “fade out” or hit the ground. while we walked off laughing about it saying it was a ufo another one came from our right … but vanished after a minute. we started walking home and saw another one coming in front of us . this one was low and i couldnt believe what i was seeing.. it came slowly down then vanished then saw a black thing land in the horse field… we went back with the touch but nothing just the horses going crazy. it was so close still in shock now. went back to the field this morning and nothing .
Location of Sighting: horsham, west sussex
Date of Sighting: 4 june 2010
Time: 22,00
Witness Name: julia campbell

Witness Statement: i was outside when it was nearly dark, just a couple of stars showing, when i noticed a bright light moving across the sky quite quickly, shining continously. it was quite high but not aeroplane height. as it came near the main light looked like a circle of lights. It then disappeared behind some cloud. when it came out i could just see a large circular shape. it only took about 10 seconds to travel across the sky and made no noise. I have never seen anything like it before and it was definitely not any type of plane of helicopter.
Location of Sighting: EASTBOURNE
Date of Sighting: 02/06/10
Time: 2207
Witness Name: RICHEE

Witness Statement: Firstly this was not a chinese lantern as i have seen a couple of them and they are quite distinctive, this oval orange pink light, in a horizontal posistion, was moving fairly slowly towards me as i veiwed it from a secound floor flat near the towns law courts, it took my attention as this was a strange flight path at a late hour, i watch to see if there were any nav lights but could not see any even as the craft moved out of veiw to the side of the house, i went to veiw it from the kitchen and it was heading towards the downs( golf club ) i thought the craft must have changed direction and there still no reconisable other lights it looked the same as it was heading towards me, looking a bit harder i was sure that there werether lights coming from within the main light but it was difficult to make out. As the light i think was moving away the light shrank quite qickly and dissapeared, there were no clouds and no sound. the light itself was not glowing but a very sparkely crisp light, very odd looking. DID ANY ELSE SEE THIS ?
Location of Sighting: Horsham, West Sussex
Date of Sighting: 4th June 2010
Time: 10:00 am
Witness Name: James

Witness Statement: At around 10:00am this morning on a lovely summers day I noticed a group of my colleagues at work all gazing through the window at work. They had spotted something odd in the sky and were pointing and discussing it. Me and a few others went outside to get a better look and were still confused about what it was. There were two small shapes, relatively high up, hovering and flashing very frequently. The flashing looked like a constant sun reflection but after a minute or so of looking at it, it was obvious it wasn’t the sun that was causing the flashing. The two shapes (which were too small to tell what shape they exactly were) were about half a mile apart from eachother in the sky, both at the same level. They were slowly rising. We were all saying that they were too high up for helicopters with their landing lights on and agreed helicopter landing lights would never be that bright anyway – especially not on a warm summers morning. And they were definetely not planes as we watched them hover for at least five minutes. By this time they must of been vertically above Gatwick Airport as planes were flying all around them. Gatwick must have picked them up on their radar as anything flying that near to them they would be well aware of. After about 5 mins they had risen so high that they were no longer visible. If anyone else in the area saw this please do comment as your side of the story would be interesting.
Location of Sighting: Bromsgrove,Worcestershire
Date of Sighting: 3/6/2010
Time: 22.20/23.10
Witness Name: Mel

Witness Statement: At the above times i was sat outside in the garden with my Mother and Wife,enjoying a perfect summers evening.The weather had been glorious all day and now the evening was clear and still.The first moving light we saw came from the east travelling at the height and speed similar to a Helicopter. I would estimate the distance to be 200 metres away.The object gave off no noise whatsoever,and was only illuminated at the front by what looked like a yellowish colour,the rear was black.it kept going at the same speed and direction which was west .Two others followed later in fixed formation.and it was so Erie because of the lack of any noise,they were a bit further away.Definitely not Chinese lanterns,which Ive seen before.They all travelled in same direction without gaining or losing height,and gave impression they were being intelligently controlled.Never seen nothing like it before ever.It would be hard to estimate the size but my guess would be that of a small helicopter.
Location of Sighting: Macclesfield, Cheshire
Date of Sighting: 4th June 2010
Time: 10.15pm to 10.20pm
Witness Name: David

Witness Statement: Sighting lasted over 5 minutes. Object was stationary over Macclesfield, with a red/orange glow emanating from it, but steady, not flashing. It just hung there, estimated height around 10,000 feet (but very rough estimate, as I don’t know the size – if it was balloon size, then I’d guess about that. similar shape to a hot air balloon once red glow faded, leaving a dark grey, solid, spherical object hanging in the sky, until it slowly faded. It appeared to fade from where it was hanging rather than move or recede into the distance. Very strange.

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