Awesome UFO outline of possible cloaked ship, UFO sighting.

Location unknown
Date July 1, 2010

Yesterday, as I was stood in the school yard, talking to a friend, just after picking up the kids, I happened to look up to the sky, that is when I noticed the strange curcular, almost the start of a spiral, in the sky.

Looking at it I noticed that I could see where it seemed to have started, which is on the outer part of the circle and ended on the inner side of the circle.

What made this strange is that there was nothing in sight that could have made this. and the wat it just seems to have began and ended abruptly.

I know we have some pilots here on the Hub, can I ask your opinion if either of you have ever seen anything like this before, is there any man made flying object that could have made this?

This contrail stayed in the sky for at least 30 mins before eventually fading slowly away.

Source: MUFON

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