Crop circle in Croatia in form of church cross, see photos, UFO sighting.

LOCATION OF CROP CIRCLE: Croatia, Saint Martin.

Type of Crop: cross like

Description of Crop Circle: soon will be aerial pictures

News papers say that local people are saying it happened again, i think that was in 2006. there was another cc also. Aerial photos are going to be made as local town minister mayor says.

My personal opinion is that most of people are scared or don't know what they are so they don't tell anyone, scared of being laughed at, so they don't report it.. So I think there are lots of them in Croatia specially in Slavonia region, which is all in wheat all over.

The location of north Croatia and northeast Slovenia has had many crop circles before, I don't know if they are reported. Interesting one is with un-hurt eggs in the middle of circle, sorry it is in Croatian language:
Crop Circle atSveti Martin, Reported 28th June* 2010

It is very easy to tell that this circle appeared at Sveti Martin, Croatia is a Christian Cross which is of a different theme from the circles in UK. The occurrence of this circle is like that of the dragonfly and human butterfly circles. It is to warn human beings.

The Christian cross represents the sin and punishment of human race. In the formation, 5 horizontal circles resemble the 5th civilization on the present earth. The 5th civilization is a world full of desires and evils. Therefore, the souls in the 5th civilization must be purified by high energy of warming effect. Such purification represents punishments. All souls must pass through the punishments to progress to the 6th civilization. So what are those punishments??

The 7 circles aligned perpendicularly to the 5 circles represent 7 circles of high energy, like a sword stabbing through the 5th civilization. The perpendicular here also suggests the theory of relativity. The 7 circles of high energy represent the follow-up warming effects after the 7 disasters on the Earth. Then why is the intersection on the 3rd circle? This is because the 3rd disaster is the scariest among those 7 disasters. The 5 circles aligned linearly represent the horizon. So the extension of the intersection on the 3rd circle is horizontal means after the 3rd disaster the earths axis will become horizontal.

As for the 2 little dots on top of the 7th disaster represent that human beings must use wisdom to work with the circle makers in order to pass through the 7 ordeals.

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