North Dakota UFO sighting 7-7-2010, see video+photos.

Date of Sighting: 2010-07-07
Location: North Dakota

I was enjoing the night in my back yard, looking at the sky. There was many stars and my eyes noticed 5 specific stars, because it seemed like they flashed alot. Suddenly one appeared from the stars and began moving away. I followed it, and then it turned around and went back. later so did the one that looks like it is a little away from the other 4. This one also came back, but to the position it was in before. Then they began Flashing like they where communicating to each other. I got my camera.

I captured only a few seconds out of 20 minutes. I captured it with my digital photo camera and could not se in the camera, that is why it is so shaky and it was not before I saw it on the computer that I really realized I had it. The whole 20 minutes the other 4 lights didn't move, but it was like they communicated with the lights.

First movie you can se the light. I went out a few nights later at the same place, so people could se, that those stars was not there. Stayed out all night to make sure.



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