UFO sighting in Pennsylvania, US during fireworks, July 3, 2010.

Event Date: 2010-07-03
Event Location: Pennsylvania, US

Event Description: "The 2010 Independence Day celebrations in my hometown took place on Saturday July 3rd rather than on the traditional date of the 4th. My home is situated where the fireworks are visible from my yard and I decided to snap some pictures of the displays.

I took a total of 23 shots between 9:46pm and 9:56pm (eastern) with most of them being from the same vantage point facing south. Many of the photos contain odd lights that are not firework embers, and I have attributed the lights to being as yet unexploded ordinances or stars and planets that were momentarily visible through smoke and cloud. And some of the photos show orbs that I attribute to particles in the air near the camera lens (see photo #01 at 9:46). But there are blue spheres that appear in various sizes, locations and light densities (meaning level of brightness) in a few photos that I cannot explain away. They are quite bright and well defined in 2 of the photos.

In photos #14 (9:49pm) & #17 (9:52pm), a blue sphere is visible that is fairly large, very distinct and surrounded by light. Enlargement of the anomalies shows a clearly 3-dimensional blue ball shaped object at the center. The anomaly appears on the immediate left edge of the firework display in photo #14 and to the right of the display in photo #17. This blue sphere does not appear in photos #15 (9:50) or #16 (9:51). Nor does it appear immediately after photo #17 in either #18 or #19 which were also shot at 9:52pm.

Camera used: Olympus Camedia digital D-540Z, 3.2 megapixel

During the entire 10 minutes in which I snapped pictures, I rarely looked at the scene via the naked eye. I primarily viewed the fireworks through the camera, so I did not see the blue spheres until the photos were viewed and downloaded into my computer. Perhaps they are just a trick of the camera, but I submit the photos for the viewer to decide.

(ref previous case file 18088)"


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