UFO sighting in photo of Kingsmen concert photo, Bellevue, Washington.

Event Date: 2010-07-10
Event Location: Bellevue, Washington, US

Event Description: "I was running sound for The Kingsmen at the Glendale Country club in Bellevue Washington. My wife was taking pictures of the band and this showed up in the pictures that are attached.

I will tell you that we were outdoors, we had no lights set up. This anomaly was in the pictures we were viewing from the event.

This was not an airplane. I would have seen it from my vantage point, and we have another picture taken one minute later from nearly the same angle and it is not ont the picture.

I will submit the camera for testing.. this is not photoshopped. It is not a fake. Please contact me if you think this warrants further investigation.

The photos are attached, one is cropped. the other is the original.
Please do not make this public unless I release it. The Kingsmen are famous, and I dont want to make waves."


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