UFO sighting in Trenton, New Jersey, US.

Event Date: 2010-05-15
Event Location: Trenton, New Jersey, US

Event Description: "On Saturday night, May 15, 2010, at approximately 8:30 p.m., I was putting something in the trunk of my car. As I headed back into my house, I noticed an extremely bright light in the sky behind my house. I was immediately struck by the brightness of the object because it had just turned dark. I observed it for a moment or two, wondering if it was a planet. When I realized that there were no other stars in the sky yet, I became more intrigued. I therefore decided to observe it longer. 5 minutes turned into 10 minutes, and I called my husband outside to ask him what he thought it was. He first thought it was a planet or the "north star," but as he observed it longer, he thought it was "a little strange." The light was not moving and made absolutely no sound. After approximately 10 minutes, my husband decided to go back into the house. I, however, remained transfixed, and continued my observation for approximately 30-40 minutes longer before I decided to go back into my house to get my camera. At approximately 9:15-20 p.m., I took photos of the light. During the entire 40-45 minutes of my constant observation of this light, it remained in relatively the same spot in the sky. [It is important to note that we live less than one mile away from the Mercer County Airport and literally see planes landing on the runway (running west to east) through the trees in our backyard. This light, however, was directly north, and during my observation of this light, continued to see planes fly in front of it.] As I began to take pictures of the light (which visually remained static) I noticed that when I found it in my camera viewfinder the object appeared to be MOVING very rapidly and quickly in a haphazard way. When I moved my eyes away from the camera to observe the light, it appeared perfectly still to my eyes! I took 8 pictures of the light on May 15th. After I took my 8 pictures, the light simply disappeared. During my observation of the light, I was not frightened, simply intrigued and highly curious about what I was observing. It is also important to note that I was seeking some confirmation that it might be an airplane flying south, however, at no time did I observe flashing beacon lights.

The light appeared again in the same relative spot in the sky on Sunday, June 6th, 2010 at approximately 8:00 p.m. My husband and I were returning home and I noticed the same very bright light as I got out of our car. It was earlier than the previous 5/15/10 sighting, and the sky was somewhat lighter. Again, there were no other observable stars yet in the sky, thereby highlighting the intensity and oddness of this particular light. I immediately retrieved my camera and took 7 pictures of the light. I observed the light intermittently (i.e., I kept coming outside from the house to check on it rather than strictly observing it as I did on 5/15) for approximately 40 to 50 minutes. Just as in the first sighting, the light remained static (to my eye) and remained in the same relative position in the sky. The final time I checked, it was gone (approximately 9:00 p.m. or so.) Since my two sightings of this intense light (and subsequent review of my pictures), I am HIGHLY curious about it and am hoping that someone can explain what it is to me. I now find myself looking for the light every night, but have not seen it since the 6/6/10 sighting."

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