Animals disappear during Russia UFO sighting, see UFO photos.

In Russia at Askania Nova reserve animals have been kidnapped UFOs.

Steppes Askania Nova are home to nearly four thousand animals: deer, bison, zebras, donkeys, ostriches, buffalo ... annually to admire the living, nature untouched by man visited by thousands of tourists. At one of these excursions and sounded history that in Askania Nova began to disappear without a trace animals - remains not found. But in the reserve like no wolves, nor poachers ...

- We were the guys in the reserve in late autumn and, of course, pictures of animals. When they began to view the pictures, have noticed that over the herd of Przewalski horse is hung a strange object - told Komsomolskaya Pravda Head Tourist Club "Romance", which organizes trips to Ascanio, Alexei Andryushchenko. - Pictures decided to show professionals anomalous phenomena.

This is a UFO, elliptical, and these strange objects must be linked to the disappearance of animals.

- In America, captured on video, like something stuck on the horse, and after a few seconds the animal sucked into an unidentified object. Fully possible that we have repeated the same story, - said Vladislav ufologist buzzard.

And here at the head of the laboratory maintain diversity of wild animals Askania Nova Alexander Mezinova another opinion: - The remains of dead animals we find on the reserve.Although in the past two and a half decades and indeed disappeared more than a hundred deer. In the 80 years we have released them in the open steppe, and has almost none left.The reason for their disappearance is understandable: one killed by poachers, some of the deer migrated to the right bank of the Dnieper. As for UFOs, I think we would have noticed such guests in the reserve.

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