Taiwan UFO sighting of rectangle craft near cloud, see photo.

Date of UFO Sighting: Sunday, August 22, 2010 (August 21 in USA time)

Time: 11:15 AM

Location: Over Freeway at Jhongli City, Taiwan

Camera: 3GS iphone

Witness: Scott C. Waring, Job: ESL Teacher/UFO blogger

Being a person that reports UFO sightings on my blog on a daily basis I have to admit that I didn’t expect to be one of the people making a report. Yeah, it happened to me and had I not taken a photo, even my friends and family might not have believed me.

My friend’s family and my family were in his car driving down the freeway. The location in the mountains we were headed to was many hours away. My friend was driving. I sat in the front passenger seat staring at a single small cloud that was far from all the other clouds. The sky was 75% blue sky and 25% clouds. Suddenly as I was staring at the cloud, an object appeared from nowhere on lower right side of it. It was rectangle shape and it seemed to reflect the white color of the cloud that was nearby. The object sat there for a few seconds. I grabbed my iphone, which was already in my lap since I was using it a few minutes earlier. The craft began moving toward the cloud. I aimed and took three photos of the cloud area, and then I used the 6x digital zoom my iphone has to take three more closer shots. Latter I looked and saw that only the first photo I took had the craft in it. The object moved into the nearby cloud and disappeared from view. I waited expecting it to come out the other side, but it never did.

My friend who was driving noticed me taking photos of the sky and he began looking up at the cloud. Afterwards I explained to him what I saw, but he said he didn’t notice anything. My wife and son were in the back, but there was no way that they could see it from their position. The whole sighting lasted only about 10-15 seconds. I would have alerted my wife, but I felt it would be gone by the time I was done explaining, so I waited till afterward to tell them about it.

For almost a year I have been reporting UFO sightings from around the world. About 35-40% are reported near or flying through clouds. So I have been looking up at the clouds whenever possible, but have never seen something so unusual as I did today. It just goes to show, it you look frequently enough, you are bound to catch sight of one. When you do see one, snap as many photos as possible because you want to make sure you get it. Thanks for reading my blog and my UFO sighting. I hope it inspires you to look a bit more or a bit longer at the sky so you too will see for yourself that they do exist.

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