UFO sighting at Space station during NASA repairs 8-11-2010 see photos.

Location of UFO Sighting: ISS Live Cam

Date of sighting: Wed, August 11, 2010, 3 hours 20 min into 3rd repair spacewalk.

While I was watching the NASA live cam of the two-spacewalking astronauts as they were doing their repairs, I noticed a few anomalies that appear to be UFOs. The first thing I noticed was when there was a astronaut doing repairs, off to the bottom left of the screen was a window. Watching the astronaut do repairs was getting boring so I turned my attention to the window.

UFO in bottom left of photo.#1

UFO in bottom left of photo. #2

UFO in bottom left of photo. #3

That was when I noticed an object moving into view. I took a screen shot three times as this strange object with a single arm moved from one side to the other side of the window. It then moved out of sight, but screen shots came out so-so.

The screen shots were taken about 3 hours and 20-30 minutes into the repairs. I thought this object outside the window might be seen again later, so I watched some more and later saw a single white/silver orb move into a different area while astronauts continued repairs, then a second small orb joined it. At this point it seemed NASA officials noticed it too because they yanked the viewers of the live cam away from the ISS repairs back to the view of NASA officials on earth communicating to the ISS. NASA did not allow the live cam to view the ISS again till about 30-45 minutes later.

I did however get a screen shot of the front monitors at the NASA screening room that clearly showed the ISS with several objects hovering nearby it. Notice in the below screen shots that the orbs in the digital ISS map change positions from one screen shot to the other.

Also on the main screen was a visible image of the ISS with alone over earth in first image. Second screen shot shows ISS with orb visitor. Third screen shot shows orb visitor moved slightly.

Photo #1 below show monitor at NASA. ISS on far left screen over Earth.

Photo #2 shows at left joined by orb.

#3 shows orb & ISS again.

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