UFO sighting photos taken in Taiwan 8-11-2010, UFO Sighting News.

Three photos were taken of a UFO hovering in the sky in Taiwan.

Location of UFO: Taiwan, Lin Sen Road, Pingtung City, and Freedom Road intersection, such as a map symbol, home 7F.

Date of UFO Sighting: 8-11-2010

Unusual light hanging over Taiwan's, Pingtung sky. The object moved around and was visible in the night sky from 7:18 until 7:20 PM.

As most UFOlogists know, the odds of sighting a UFO during Sunset are higher than any other time of day. This is probably due to the sudden change in direction of source of light (the sun) as the shields of a UFO often make it invisible to the human eye. Although this shield has been know to be visible 100% when viewed at night with an ir (inferred camera). Remember the invisible shield that UFOs use does not make them invisible, but instead camouflage them by bending the light around from the back of the craft to the front to make it appear invisible, but it is there. Watch the sunsets and have a digital or ir camera with you. It may be your moment to catch the unexpected.

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