Wyoming UFO sighting, see photos.

Location of sighting: Wyoming, US
Date of sighting: 7-11-2010

I was loading some photos off my digital onto my computer and the photos of a arc looking cloud that I took a picture of. Upon looking closely at one of the photos I noticed a object in the picture. The object is above the arc looking cloud.

After enlarging the object it does not appear to be a normal aircraft of any type. I do not know how to even explain its appearance. It looks to be about the size of a small plane,silver in color with a yellow tint on the underside. It might be a military aircraft but it does not appear to have any wings and it does not appear to be symmetrical.

This happened in July of 2010 approximately. I am not sure because I just was taking a picture of this strange cloud at the time and I did not even notice this object until a month later when I was downloading some other pictures onto my computer.


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