UFO sighting drops out several orbs over ocean in Ukraine, see photos.

Location: Ukraine
Date of Sighting: 7-17-2010

Description: UFO sighting drops out several orbs over ocean in Ukraine.

Original photo below.

Altered contrast in below photo.

In the photo you can clearly see a dull gray metallic craft over the ocean. Below this craft are two round metallic like probes that are leaving or about to enter the UFO. UFOs are often seen when releasing or gathering their orb probes, much like many recent youtube videos like in Japan when a larger probe seems to create many more probes near a cloud.

The UFO in this photo was caught when taking photos of the ocean. Lots of speculation has suggested that if alien craft can fly in space, then flying in Earths ocean should also be easy. Perhaps this craft comes from an underwater alien base hidden near the Ukraine.

See the two orbs. UFOs use them to get close up to study life on earth without being to large to notice.

This photo was taken in the morning. I didnt see anything at the time. Once I was looking through the photos did I notice something strange in the sky. You can see it is a UFO and even has glass window (dome).


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