Deep Thoughts of Alien Species, UFO Sightings & Just Being Human.

When I look around at these forums and other places where people are trying to find the existence of Et's and find out what the possible agenda might be I always ask myself, if we know they exist and we have not been given any blatent information on a possible agenda by these beings then maybe we are not meant to know. People like Jim Sparks, and others who say they have been given a glimpse of the so called agenda, say that there are alien races trying to awaken us so that we see what we are doing to this world before it is too late. Others talk about implants and are left with alot of questions after an abduction experience. Listen, if they wanted us to know they would have told us. What are we all looking for? Are we wasting our time? When I am done watching ufo hunters and gathering my information about et's whether it be online or not at the end of the day I still kneel beside my bedside and give thanks to the ultimate being, the one who controls it all, God. I can't get so distracted by all of this that I forget the one who created it all, because in the end when we go to meet him none of this other stuff is going to matter. Yes alien races exist but we are a chosen race, the children and these et's are already supreme, they have abilities unfathomable and mind powers so strong that if you even look at some of them you'll pass out, so they dont need God, we were made as we are without powers for a reason, so that we might call to God and in a way to be his chosen companions and i return we have freedom and free will, something I believe the et's lack due to the psychic and telepathic abilities they have. I mean they probably envy us and wish they were us and thats why they study/observe us. We have the ability to go into a room and cry a problem out when we have had a tough day where these et's probably dont have that chance because there hearts are literally on display for all to read, I mean that would suck. That is why I believe some of these beings are emotionless. If one can see right through someone at all times then that person would get annoyed and eventually shut off emotions because they are no longer personal. Some people think it would be cool to be psychic and telepathic but like all things with humans it would be cool or fun at first and then it would get boring and many would use it for the wrong thing. We were made as simple yet beautiful creation, we were made to only take so much until we need to reach out for help, this was done purposely by one greater than us. We are chosen and have more to look foreward to, this life is a testing ground to see who makes it. There are different alien races and fortunately we are chosen to be a part of the greatest race out there, the race of the children of God, the ruling race. So to the grays and other races I say go ahead and take your samples and try to make hybrids and other experimental subhumans but know we are protected and you cant replicate the real deal. This is the truth my friends with out a doubt and whether you believe me or not is fine with me but just remember that we are special.

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