Moon Buildings in NASA Photos on ipad, UFO sighting on itouch, iphone app see video.

Note: This is much more clear on ipad, iphone or itouch than in this video!

I Scott C. Waring, author of UFO Sightings of 2006-2009 have written about this in my book. This is actually an Apple app for iphone, itouch & ipad. I used the app called "MoonMapPro." This app has genuine Lunar Orbiter images directly from NASA archives. The cool thing about these photos is that they were taken before photoshop so their techniques of covering up items had not yet been perfected. In these photos they actually appear to be raw and untouched by the NASA airbrushing room.
These are long black structures and often they curve into or around the craters and mold into the ground. This is definitive proof that they are real structures and they are really there on the moon. Who made them and how they made them, we can only guess at.

The names of the craters and the degrees of longitude and latitude are included in the app which makes location of the structures much easier to determine.
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