Two UFO sighting over NASA Shuttle Discovery Launch Pad, Nov 28, 2010, photos.

Date of sighting: November 27 & 28, 2010

Location of sighting: NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida

I have to admit, NASA makes it too easy to catch a UFO flying about when they have all these live cams. Easy I say because I usually only look at the live cams for about 5-10 minutes before I find something.

This second craft that looks like a saucer took 1 second (time it takes to look at the screen). It was just there when I turned it on.

The first photo is in front of “Launch Pad 30 Area.” This is where the Shuttle Discovery is currently located to launch from, but has been delayed due to cracks in its tanks, but I believe it is due to these UFOs flying about and being a possible accident waiting to happen if they launch while one shoots above it.

The first photo was taken on Nov 27, 2010. It was late night here in Taiwan, but early morning there in Florida. I waited only about 5-10 minutes before I caught this grey orb flying about. It was there for one screen shot only then gone. This is not a live video feed but rather it takes a still photo every 1-2 minutes. So that was all I got. I did not get to see it fly because in the next photo it was gone. For a place know for its advanced tech, a still photo cam really pisses me off! It does make my job harder and yet in some ways easier. I mean, maybe it was traveling so fast I would not have seen it on normal video but the photo caught it.

The second photo I show you here is from Nov 28, 2010. It was about the same time of night as the first (in Taiwan about 11 PM) but was late morning in Florida. I got lucky and caught what looks like a classic disc craft not far from the Launch Pad 30 Area. You can see the launch pad in the background. I have to admit this catch surprised even me. It is a great shot of a grey metallic saucer.

This is not the first UFO sighting I have had on these cameras, but rather the 4th in 3 weeks. I have had two other I caught close up in photos of discovery pad. To see them scroll down 2-3 weeks in my blog to view. Note: I did not alter photos at all. All are original screenshots from the NASA cam.

Live Cams, they are not just for fun anymore, but tools for UFO hunters!

The cam is at http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/shuttle/countdown/video/chan3large.jpg

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