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Two UFO sighting over NASA Shuttle Discovery Launch Pad, Nov 28, 2010, photos.

Date of sighting: November 27 & 28, 2010

Location of sighting: NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida

I have to admit, NASA makes it too easy to catch a UFO flying about when they have all these live cams. Easy I say because I usually only look at the live cams for about 5-10 minutes before I find something.

This second craft that looks like a saucer took 1 second (time it takes to look at the screen). It was just there when I turned it on.

The first photo is in front of “Launch Pad 30 Area.” This is where the Shuttle Discovery is currently located to launch from, but has been delayed due to cracks in its tanks, but I believe it is due to these UFOs flying about and being a possible accident waiting to happen if they launch while one shoots above it.

The first photo was taken on Nov 27, 2010. It was late night here in Taiwan, but early morning there in Florida. I waited only about 5-10 minutes before I caught this grey orb flying about. It was there for one screen shot only then gone. This is not a live video feed but rather it takes a still photo every 1-2 minutes. So that was all I got. I did not get to see it fly because in the next photo it was gone. For a place know for its advanced tech, a still photo cam really pisses me off! It does make my job harder and yet in some ways easier. I mean, maybe it was traveling so fast I would not have seen it on normal video but the photo caught it.

The second photo I show you here is from Nov 28, 2010. It was about the same time of night as the first (in Taiwan about 11 PM) but was late morning in Florida. I got lucky and caught what looks like a classic disc craft not far from the Launch Pad 30 Area. You can see the launch pad in the background. I have to admit this catch surprised even me. It is a great shot of a grey metallic saucer.

This is not the first UFO sighting I have had on these cameras, but rather the 4th in 3 weeks. I have had two other I caught close up in photos of discovery pad. To see them scroll down 2-3 weeks in my blog to view. Note: I did not alter photos at all. All are original screenshots from the NASA cam.

Live Cams, they are not just for fun anymore, but tools for UFO hunters!

The cam is at

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UFO Sighting over Shuttle Discovery Launch Pad, Nov 18, 2010 grey disc.

Date of sighting: November 18, 2010
Location of sighting: Kennedy Space Center, Florida

I was watching one of the NASA live cams and I noticed an object fly near the top of the shuttle. I quickly took 12 screenshots, because this object was so obvious. What I saw is exactly what is in the photos here. I saw a gray metallic like football craft over the Shuttle Discovery.

The cam is not a video cam but a photo cam that is updated every 3-5 minutes. I waited for the next photo and between photo you could see quick motion video of the craft. It shot downward at an angle that was about 60-70 degrees shooting tot he bottom left of the screen. No at that moment I hesitated and could not believe I saw it move. It was a straight line, not a bent line and not curved in any way.

It is my belief that this UFO was a probe, unmanned but remote controlled and was observing them working to fix the cracks in the shuttle tanks. Was it there because it could see something bad happening in the future I wonder? The shuttle Discovery was delayed from first week of November to now be launched on the 30th of November.

I took only screenshots of cams that NASA has. This UFO was over the Shuttle Discover while repairs were being made. I cannot imagine how an alien craft could possibly get into a high security launch pad area without NASA security or radar towers becoming aware of it. Unless of course, NASA did know about the probe, but did not see it as a threat, but perhaps an allowed alien craft that is sometimes seen at NASA? Then again, this may be a NASA craft, knowing their endless budget and hi-tech gadgets.

Please tell me in comments what you think about this and what it may be. Thank you, Scott C. Waring-Taiwan.

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Cloud UFO near Space Shuttle Discovery Causes Electrical Glitch, see photo.

Cloud UFO near Space Shuttle Discovery Causes Electrical Glitch.

November 6, 2010: It seems that this UFO cloud over Pad 39-A may be the main cause of the technical difficulty or just a coincidence of timing. Either way NASA has had a load of UFO sightings recorded around the shuttle and the ISS this year. I will show a few of the UFO sighting videos below.

Photos: The space shuttle Discovery sits on Pad 39-A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. NASA gave the go-ahead for Thursday's launch of the Discovery space shuttle mission to the orbiting International Space Station, after a close study of the latest electrical glitch.

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