UFO orb over Geisenfeld, Germany on Nov 11, 2010, photo here.

UFO orb over Geisenfeld, Germany on Nov 11, 2010, photo here.

Sighting Location: Geisenfeld, Germany

Sighting Date: November 11, 2010

I was watching a live cam over Germany when I noticed an odd shape cloud floating to the right, yet all other clouds were going left. This seemed a little strange so I took a screenshot.

I have heard about the Fort Belvoir UFO report where they state the government took photos of a UFO moving in and out of a cloud. A summary of the report is below. What you believe, is up to you only.

Many UFOs are in an orb shape and this one seems similar. Orbs from the volcano I reported, are sometimes cloaked in smoke or clouds. Much like a magician uses smoke and mirrors for their illusions.

Below is photo taken at Fort Belvoir.

What significance does this have to real UFOs? UFOs hide in clouds, or so the US government documents have stated since 1957 of the Fort Belvoir UFO Case, the photos are below.

The Condon Report (p.168) devoted 11 pages to this case. One morning in September, 1957 an Arm private at Fort Belvoir, Va. was called from his barracks by his buddies to witness what appeared to be a black, ring-shaped UFO approaching. The private grabbed his Brownie camera and snapped 6 pictures of it, of which this was the first. After about 5 minutes, the black ring, which appeared "solid" to the soldier and glided steadily along, began to be "engulfed in white smoke."

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