UFO sighting of 3 giant craft over Myrtle Beach, SC on Jan 7, 2011, 4 photos.

Photos taken by Wesley Tyler

Image taken: Jan. 7, 2011

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

These amazing photos from Jan 7, 2011, look just like the Russian cloud over Moscow back in Oct of 2009. Remember that UFO cloud video on youtube, it took the world by storm and was seen by tens of millions of viewers.

Well the cloud in the photo does not have one but three distinct UFOs hidden within the clouds. the pulling down at its bottom-center indicate that the craft must have had their cargo bay doors open to allow probes to scans to take place more easily. The opening of the doors could cause the plums of smoke below the UFO formation.

The photographer states, "I have lived by the sea many years but i have never seen this before!"

What significance does this have to real UFOs? UFOs hide in clouds, or so the US government documents have stated since 1957 of the Fort Belvoir UFO Case, it's photos are below.

The Condon Report (p.168) devoted 11 pages to this case. One morning in September, 1957 an Arm private at Fort Belvoir, Va. was called from his barracks by his buddies to witness what appeared to be a black, ring-shaped UFO approaching. The private grabbed his Brownie camera and snapped 6 pictures of it, of which this was the first. After about 5 minutes, the black ring, which appeared "solid" to the soldier and glided steadily along, began to be "engulfed in white smoke."

Source: http://top10ufo.com

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