UFO Sighting over Mt. Wilson Observatory, California on Feb 2, 2011, photos.

UFO Sighting over Mt. Wilson Observatory, California on Feb 2, 2011, photos.

Sighting Location: Mount Wilson Observatory, Mt. Wilson, California, USA.
Date of sighting: February 2, 2011
Time: 18:11:39

While looking at the Mount Wilson Observatory live net cam I noticed a cigar shaped craft coming over the mountain top. It was not hight in the sky but appears to be skimming over the mountains as low as it can.

Photo here shows 2 min later.UFO gone.

This cam only shows photos so I refreshed the cam and it showed me a photo from 18:13:51, two minutes after the first. The UFO was gone in this one. The cam says it refreshes the photos only once every two minutes.

Source cam at: http://obs.astro.ucla.edu/towercam.htm

Credit: Mount Wilson Observatory, CA

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  1. Yea I can remember back in the day in the late 80's early 1990's parked up in Mt wilson's parking area facin Westwood & the sorounding skylines to the Pacific rim late @ night, & yes have myself seen sightings in the sky high above the city while on those very Mt Wilson observatory mountain grounds in LA where that view is indeed quite spectacular @ all angles late @ night, even facing north to the valley & San Gabriel Mt ranges where especially in the fall time of yr I'd see the lights & orbs zip & float occassionaly around those mountains areas late at night too...

    A AWESOME experience I'll never forget....


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