UFO Sighting of Orbs Gathering over the ocean near Florida beach, 2011 photos. UFO Sighting News.

UFO Sighting of Orbs Gathering over the ocean near Florida beach, 2011 photos.

Sighting Location: Florida
Sighting Date: January 21, 2011
Source: MUFON.COM Reports

I live in a front ocean condo and I was walking my dog in an area on my building where I was able to see the ocean. This was around 3PM. Suddenly something caught my eye and when I looked I saw 3 small super bright round objects playing around in a fast pace, above the seashore.

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I knew I never saw something similar like this before and I decided to rush upstairs (I live in the 14th floor) and try to take a picture if they were still around( I don’t have a great camera with a big zoom). It took me about 30 seconds to spot one of them above the ocean and one of them going along the shore in opposite direction.

Notice that they were really small. From my terrace, they were no longer bright but yellow and orange shaped as a blimp and were now going very slow. I could not hear a sound. There was no one at the beach at that time that I could see. (I thought about remote control toys but no one was there controlling them and I also, later on, did a research about remote control toys that are similar to the ones I saw. I could not find any) Suddenly I lost one of them and the one I took a picture, was flying very close to the water horizontally. Suddenly it stopped and started to go up in the sky until I could not see it anymore. I saw no strings, no fire, no smoke, no sound.

PS: sorry my English. It’s my second language.

Blogger Notes: I noticed that there are a string of these orbs also in the water. They are the same size as the one in the sky and perhaps these orbs came from below the ocean. I have seen photos like these before where the orbs are gathering in one location to be picked up by a larger UFO, usually a grey disc.
If they can fly in space,then water would be just an easy to travel and it covers 75% of earth.

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  1. My impression is that there monitoring devices, I,e, small satellites from a larger craft/station..

    Some are "Bio Mechanical" in nature..

  2. I have over 49 pics of these flying balls over south texas

    1. Those folk down yandar inTexas sure have a lot of balls literally spk'ing....


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