UFO Sighting of cigar craft over Kirchen, Germany on April 10, 2011, Photos.

UFO Sighting ove cigar craft over Kirchen, Germany on April 10, 2011, Photos.

Location of sighting: Kirchen, Germany
Date of sighting: April 10, 2011

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When I was looking at live Internet cams of Germany I quickly spotted the odd white cigar shape UFO hovering over a city in the Kirchen mountains. I watched for about 45 minutes when the object began to fade.

I know a lot of people may believe its just a building on the ground but it is not and that is why I am including another photo of the same location, yet no UFO in it.

Below no UFO.

After 45 minutes of hovering the UFO began to change colors to more grayish and its form became more cloud like before it disappeared all together.

Note: The advanced technology that UFOs use to cloak themselves usually makes them appear transparent, yet when the sun is in the perfect position to the eyewitness, that cloaked vessel becomes visible. This is why most UFO sightings happen during sunset with the angle of the sun hitting the UFO from a direction that causes the bending light of the cloak to come out in a different direction, allowing those below it to see it for a few minutes.

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