UFO Cloud over small Italy Island on May 3, 2011, photos.

UFO Cloud over small Italy Island on May 3, 2011, photos.

Date of sighting: May 3, 2011
Location of sighting: Near Rome at Lazio, Italy

I watch live internet cams in search of UFO sightings and occasionally catch a UFO shaped cloud like I have here. I watched the cam for over 20 minutes but this UFO cloud remained in place, although it changed is shape slightly during that time.

Also I noticed the outline of a possible egg shape craft emerge from the top of the cloud and I took a screenshot to include below.

Why do I write about a UFO cloud, because they are not ordinary clouds. The Fort Belvoir, Virginia UFO incident on Sept of 1957 was when the US military photographed a UFO ring coming out of a cloud and going back in. This is when the US Gov stated in documents that Alien craft do hide in clouds. The photo is below from the US government archives.

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